Every project is unique, from existing site conditions to design priorities. Our job is to ensure that the end result is your dream, realized. The general process remains consistent, but additional steps will need to be considered in certain circumstances, such as permits and approvals. We will always follow the best route for your project.


It all begins with a phone call for a bit of a meet and greet.
We want to ensure that we could potentially be the perfect fit for your project, so be prepared to ask questions and discuss in broad terms what you’re looking for.

Next, we move to an on site consultation for a more in depth review of the project. Here, we will work with you to outline your wish list, your priorities, and your budget while getting a feel for the unique challenges and opportunities of your site.
Our insight and experience can then be shared with you while we discuss some ideas and hear your input.
A scope of work and an outline of our fees is then assembled, and upon your acceptance we are ready to kick off!


Information is now gathered to create a detailed picture of where we are starting.
We perform a complete site analysis and inventory where we review existing conditions, identify opportunities and constraints, and take measurements.
A drawing can then be prepared with the existing structures, site dimensions, and elevations. This does not replace a survey (and we certainly advise that you have one done for your records and any permits) but it gives us a great base to work from.
If we suspect permits will be required, this is an ideal time to speak to governing bodies about the upcoming work. By doing so we can identify any restrictions that would impact the design early on.


Here we explore alternative arrangements of space and features as part of our conceptual design development. With your input and feedback, we are able to refine these ideas and work towards what will eventually be the final layout.

We utilize perspective sketches and elevations to further fine tune the design and assist in communication. These are great visual aids that can be applied to a small piece the project or to an entire site, they really showcase the designs potential and answer many questions along the way.

The end result? A fully customized design that is ready to roll into the next phase.


Time to get down to the nitty-gritty.
Construction details, technical specifications, permit drawings, grading plans, planting plans, irrigation and lighting layouts, and other specifics allow us to actualize the design.

These details and drawings are provided to contractors so that they can put together an accurate estimate. We can then select the best suited contractor for the project and move forward.


We have the privilege of working with a number of skilled and knowledgeable contractors who excel in their craft. Our responsibility is assemble the team best suited to the job and then to ensure they are provided with all the information they need to execute our vision.

Prior to breaking ground, we will sourcing out materials and arrange any custom fabrications from metalwork to pools.
Once the crew is on site, we regularly stop by for construction inspections, preparing revisions and change orders as required, and at last, performing the final walk through at the end of construction.

We will often send out a photographer to take some pictures within a year of construction for our records and for promotional and awards purposes. If you would like a copy of these for your file we would be happy to send some through!


The dust has settled, and it’s time to relax and enjoy your new space!
The landscape is a living canvas that becomes more beautiful every year it matures, but we do need to tend to it in order to keep it on track.

In the first few months post-construction, we will keep an eye on plant health by stopping in when we’re in the area, just in case any problems crop up. Aside from regular watering and mulch, your garden won’t require much work during this honeymoon phase.
To keep your garden glowing, we highly recommend the use of a professional gardener (unless your thumbs are green and you love to spend time nurturing your plants!) to ensure your garden stays in top form without taking away from your opportunities to relax outside.
This could be as simple as a spring and fall cleanup, or as involved as weekly visits. We will take your routine into consideration and will design accordingly; the end goal is a healthy, thriving garden that enhances your outdoor experience.

We truly appreciate our clients and love to hear (and see) how they and their projects are doing. Should any questions come up over time, we hope that you won’t hesitate to contact us so that we can be of assistance.

Let’s get started!